Altitude Training Altipower hypoxicator simulates the effect of High altitude camp

Altipower hypoxicator Training Mask simulates the effect of High Altitude Training while delivering the same benefits for an athlete or a mountaineer. When top athletes want to improve in their performance, they go to  altitude training camps for training, and when they come back to sea level to race, they are performing stronger, faster and have greater endurance due to the type of training they have been doing prior to the event.

Hypoxia challenge stimulates cell to transcript over 30 genes in the due course of altitude training adaptation.  Body produces more EPO –> of red blood cells , builds new capillaries (small blood vessels),  enzymes anti-oxidants and many other beneficial reactions take place in human cells.  This  increase ability to transfer and utilize oxygen in mitochondria more efficiently thus resulting in better performance and body functions..

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