People living at higher altitudes tend to live longer and have a lower chance of dying from ischemic heart disease

28 March

Recently published:  Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. ScienceDaily (March 2011) One of the most comprehensive studies of its kind.  Researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in partnership with the Harvard School of Global Health have found that people living at higher altitudes have a lower chance of dying from ischemic heart [...]

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cycling performance – Effects of hypoxic interval training

10 March

By: Belle Roels, Grégoire P Millet, Christophe J L Marcoux, Olivier Coste, David J Bentley, Robin B Candau Journal: Medicine &amp Science in Sports &amp Exercise PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that intermittent hypoxic interval training improves sea level cycling performance more than equivalent training in hypoxia or normoxia. [...]

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